Riot Imposter?

**[Moderator Note: Images have been removed for Naming and Shaming. Feel free to reupload the images if you censor the player's Summoner Name]** So, I have played a match with my friends a couple of minutes ago on which we won a 4 v 5 with our Kog'Maw carry , with over 500 lasthits. He definetly won us the whole game and after that, the opposing teams ekko added the Kog'Maw and told him, that his account would be under investigation due to third party programs and if he pledged to be guilty and stuff. This is the chat between the Kog'Maw and "Rioter" **[removed]** **[removed]** Then I added the "Rioter" aswell, named **[removed]** and asked if he is for real and stuff, since I have never heard of anybody getting warned ingame of an investigation and it seemed, that have found out and caught the "rioter" as imposting. If I should be wrong, I ow him an Apology, but if I am not, I hope he will face the right consequences. My chat with him is here now: **[removed]**
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