So, sorry for my bad english... I had account since season 2 or 3, it was long time ago. 10 days ago, I tried to log in on my account, but I received msg that account doesnt exist, lol. I was like wtf happened? So, I went on riot website and tried to login there, but I accidentally clicked "send password to email". I dont use that mail for ages, and have no access to it whatsoever...So, I sent msg to riot 10 days ago, submited 3 tickets from 3 different mails, and no respond so far. They just deleted my account for no reason. I spent at least 500euros on that account, and I broke no rules AND THEY DIDNT RESPOND TO ANY TICKET SUBMITTED, 11 DAYS AGO. Im so frustrated at this point, for allowing myself to give money to this company. If it happened to me, it can happen to you also. Be carefull with this company
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