I just Lost all My ranked stats and It says "im Un ranked" . I was Plat IV ....

Ok i was naughty boy I addmit . Maby its realted to case or not. I was Restricted from Rankeds for 35 games. I did my job. Restriction was Lifted. And Even today Morning I had Plat IV rank. After I played 1 GAME RANKED ONE. It says Im Unranked. All my Rankeds Stats are gone. Im not Plat IV any more . What just happend ? It was all rested or it's Visual Bug ? . But there is nothing . Totally nothing. My ticket number : 16721410 Anyone Else had something like that ? PS. IT SEEMS it has nothin to do with my restriction. I just checked my FRIENDLIST and evrybody lost their RANKED STATS
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