Changing main role to ADC

So i have been maining support since i started playing League which was mid season 4. I always enjoyed it but at the moment it is getting a bit boring for me. Since i main support i have some knowledge about botlane but the problem are my mechanics. My csing is okay i can get 70-80 at 10 mins but the mechanics are my problem. I am currently Plat 3 so changing your main role is a bit more difficult cause it is at a higher level of play. Since most adc mains climb back to their previous elo most of them will have better mechanics than me. So i would like to asks for any tips i know how to cs but mechanics are my problem at this elo. What champs should i play? Should i practice on my smurf? (Gold 3) These are just some suggestions. I know that practice is key but i would love to hear some tips.
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