I was banned from league, and its not even my fault

I played league of legends since season 3, i was always a good person and i received only 1 chat restriction and i don't remember when or why. I always played solo queue or normal with my friends. Now in the 1st of June 2016 i was banned from league with the accusation of using 3rd program. I wanna know why, yesterday i played 1 game normal and then i exited the account and i went out with my friends. And today i come back to my pc and i got banned for using 3rd programs.I never used anything cheats or something because simply i don't need it to climb , i could have a demonstration, I'm plat 2 and climbed this division for weeks in soloQ or sometimes duo with a friend , I don't really know the reason of the ban i wasn't even home. Only 4 people knows the password and ID and i can guarantee they don't use programs. Please let me understand the reason of the ban.

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