Last ranked win not recored

As title suggests. I played 2 ranked games earlier today. I lost one and I won one. However, after the game ended I was stuck in "waiting for stats" screen. I clicked to skip and match did nor record. As I had to leave, I just closed the game as I thought that it was simply a visual bug. Now that I logged back on I see that I still have 0 LP and last game I played was not recorded at all. Edit. This would be the missing game between a loss and a win on 25th. Games lasting 31:42 and 39:43 (if anyone from support would find time to investigate. Any advice? P.S. I will play some more now so the game I am talking about is the one that took place on 25th of June right after the (ranked) loss with Alistar where game lasted 31 min and 42 sec. Game after that was a ranked win (with Alistar ofc).

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