Leaverbuster for nothing is kinda annoying

Ok so today wanted to play just a single game. Logged in, started search, game found. I join champselect and i see no champ. Literally i can't pick or ban anyone because there are no champs in list. It's like not the first time i see it so i'm like meh, ok. Restart, wait 5 minutes, start again. Now champselect is fine, we start a game, i load to 100% and wait. And wait. And wait some more. And then wait. And then wait a lil more. And then client closes and if you push reconnect button, it will launch client but won't connect you (unable to reconnect error message). The only way is to restart the launcher itself, and by this time game is pretty much surrendered because nobody ain't got the balls to play 4v5 for a few minutes. And so now i'm on leaverbuster for next five games for literally nothing. Let's permaban me next for being friendly then. The funniest thing is i played recently on EUW with a friend. Like 20 or 30 games. Not in a single game i encountered any problem. Everything worked 100% perfect.
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