I'm losing all patience.

I've been playing since mid season three, NEVER before have I been so disappointed and appauled with the EuWest server. * February - Ping increased generally from 50 to 100 * March - My client begins to disconnect from the server every now and then and I have to restart in order to play, even after I open up connection enhancers such as WTFast * April - These disconnects become a lot more frequent and I start to struggle to even open the game on some occasions! I get text boxes saying "You have disconnected" or "Your firewall may be blocking access" or something along those lines. * Not even halfway through May - Disconnects on a daily basis, me AND my friends struggle to even START the game, I just played a game, everyone was disconnecting and reconnecting, my character model was flying everywhere trying to keep up with the delay, armies of minions standing still. Earlier this month I had a ghost game where everyone disconnected at once and was unable to reconnect due to the game not existing, even though it still tells us we "abandoned" a game. My friends, 4 other people who play League have had exactly the same situations INDIVIDUALLY. I'm starting to lose my passion for this game Riot, I seriously am and it's upsetting me because I love(d) this game. (I added some photos taken via phone, quality is crap, but still.)
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