Getting a new laptop

So recently my samsung laptop had died.. it was 7 years old and it's usually fps was around 30 (lowest quality)which for me wasn't bad. I got to diamond with it. I went to get a new one yesterday..and okay..the fps was about 40-50 on lowest quality and I was like fine!whatever! But today...the lags took 3 minutes for me to get 100% in the loading screen and in game I got freezes and down to 3 fps..max was 30 at times...I am so disappointed. I know laptops aren't the best for this game but my old 7 year old was working better a week ago than this one on it's second day! I'll probably return it but the questions I have is any tips? What are the best brands? ( my new one is Toshiba for 450 euro) What do you think is a good price? If you have a laptop what is it and what's the in game experience(fps and any lags?) So pretty much anything you can give me info on. And the best..processor? I don't really understand what makes a computer strong and fast.... Thank you!
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