Thank you for the new client Riot, it's the best!

It's the best thing that happened to me in my life! Today in seven matches I had I have only : - Crashed during load twice - Had black screen during picks once. - Had unknown directX error preventing me to get in to game once. - Gotten end stats skipped once without skip waiting to stats button appearing forcing me to crash game - gotten stuck to spot of over 200000+ in log in que due the said crashes four times. ( something I never had before) Now I don't have to blame other players for making this game bad, I can blame YOU, the maker of the game, for making it bad ! Really karmic soul purging moment to know you have real evil to blame for all the shit in the game for ! So thank you! I am also informing you I just tossed my last ever 20 e for you as sign of pity. You will never gain a dime from me again. Sincerely : Dies for team. {{champion:48}}
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