2 Years ago I got banned for some reason, I still do not know why I got banned. What do I do

I tried to log in then it said i was suspended. I send a request back the this guy named shadowz or something, I forgot responded adn we talked on some league chat i dont remember. He said something about fake money, so I instantly thought he wanted to scam me or something but I was wrong he was just doing his job. When I traveled to london my mother used her international credit card to buy rp, I think something hapenned between the transactions. Not realy sure why i got banned though they could have just canceled it. I was a bit ignorant back then i never understood what he ment. But I remember how much I got depressed because of it because I did not do anything wrong and the admin or helper did not explain well enough to me so I had no clue. And now I understand a bit more and wanted to send a request but for some reason i cant log in to support with any account. I do not know what to do. And please help me somehow. I dont have much in life. Homeschool my way to 12th grade league friends were my best friends. right now Idk what to do. just help me somehow. Thank u
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