I really need to talk to a riot employee about this .... mistake i call it

[7:37] [All] Lucian: Report this kayn [11:46] Aatrox: lee ganked no times [11:52] Aatrox: and nidalee has more farm [15:33] Aatrox: report lee [15:35] Aatrox: x9 [26:01] [All] Aatrox: rEPORT LEE SIN [20:14] Aatrox: 0 ganks [20:16] Aatrox: 0 ganks [21:11] Aatrox: go afk [21:13] Aatrox: plz [27:53] [All] Aatrox: Report this dude The chat logs they selected For my restriction. It's a thing i cannot and never will accept . ALL I DID IS THIS , and i get banned? I did not swear, i did not insult anybody, i just told them that they do not gank as the game goes on, after 20 minutes of doing nothing (Except the lucian game) and that i REALLY need help they did not acquire, and the answer i got is "THIS IS A BAN FOR NEGATTIVE ATTITUDE(might be, but not ganking for 20 god damn minutes and then flaming me is way better i guess, and then if i try to tell him i need ganks i get banned)all i ask is that the enemy or my team punishes him with a report for him grefing and trolling the game, wich is the code you TELL US to follow. Report players who deny you of a good sportsmanlike game. And i get banned for asking others to follow my good example of using the report button against people who deserve it ? between that report lee was him flaming me and me saying he was toxic, but u did not include that, so goes for kayn. Your system is WRONG. He also told me to "mute him" . I can do that, but that makes me unable to play the game as it should be, as i remove any chance of communication with the player, and i need to make him understand where he is wrong, but if he flames me instead of saying "ok dude, i'll actually gank as a jungler" or smth. I mean, im not the best player , but when i know i am going to lose my lane, i ask help, obvious thing to do, but if he flames me when i ask him to assist me , that's where i tell them to report him, pretty basic .I am a guy who hates losing, and gets angry fast, but a for a whole year i kept my mouth shut and i will keep doing that, i stoped toxicity, insulting and flaming, maybe i'll get a good player that can 1v9 the game and say no need for ganks ty, but till then, solve it, solve your system, fix it, i Pulled it like a hard working summoner for a WHOLE YEAR TO UNLOCK THAT HONOR, AND WHEN I FINALLY ALMOST GET HONOR 1 I GET BANNED AGAIN? I invested time and money in this game, and the only reason i regret it is the system and the community overall, going premade 3-4 people to report me at once so i get banned, it's ..... insufferable, i want my almost unlocked lvl 0 honor to lvl 1 back, nothing more, nothing less, HELP ME THIS ONE TIME, REPAY ME FOR THE YEARS AND MONEY INVESTED , IT'S THE FIRST TIME I EVER DO THIS, BUT I BEG OF YOU, GRANT ME THAT LITTLE I HAD BACK .P.S : That Lucian game the dude i asked for ganks .. it was early ik but i asked for him to respond to the enemy jungler...
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