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I just got banned for "int feeding", while I was trying my best, and just got stomped by the enemy top laner and the enemy jungler. Here's what riot sent me rather than a reform card: I started a normal game since I wanted to improve my darius gameplay. My runes, masteries and everything was fine, I got the lane which I wanted too. I am not that great with darius, but I've played quite a few games with him, so I had some level of confidence. I went to lane - everything was fine, went for an early 1v1 though and just forgot riven had ignite, so I lost the fight quite close. After that I teleported back to lane, so that I wouldn't miss the minions and xp, which would put me further behind. Riven was at quite a low hp, so I got greedy and tried to get her, but I got outplayed - died again. Came back to lane, farmed a few minions, and after a few minutes lee ganked me - the lane was not pushed - the wave was in the middle of the lane, basically I thought I was safe enough, but it seems the two kills riven had, were enough for them to all in me and kill me fast enough(got chain ccd by her knock+stun and lee's slow didn't help either). After that I was pretty far behind already. Lee and riven kept denying me from getting to my tower, my jungler didn't want to help me(he was probably right though - since we could have both died). Basically I got dumpstered because I made mistakes, and I highly believe that the riven was a smurf, since she was noticeably better than me even though she wasn't even level 30 - kept dodging my stuff, and just straight out outplaying me. Talon kept flaming me - I just tried to do my best and farm enough to be useful to my team. Asked a few times for rengar to help me - he ignored me, idk maybe he was right, even though I believe we could've done something after riven blew flash and I had some armor+hp. So I tried my best - but was too far behind. My dmg wasn't that bad either at the end of the game - it's just that I couldn't/didn't know how to come back in the game. So I leave the game and what do you know - I get a message that I'm ruining people's games with the game I just played attached, and I get banned. So I did bad in a normal game, while still trying my best, and I get banned for inting - is this considered normal? the game is still not updated though, I hope it gets updated soon. reform card So I got a response from the support. And what do you know - a copy paste response. The person (automated response?) that answered obviously didn't even know that I got banned for "int feeding", and sent me some generic message, that didn't address any of my questions. P.S. So there you have it guys - apparently you can get banned for playing bad from now on. The support obviously is ok with that since I'm getting a generic response rather than an actual answer - basically dodging the issue.
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