pvp.net constantly disconnecting

since the last patch one week ago i keep getting disconnects from pvp.net. it s almost impossible to play a game because multiple disconnects will happen during championselect, when i m lucky i can ban a champion and pick a champion but usually it freezes and i get a queuedodge penalty. after championselect is done everything in the game works perfectly fine. i tried some things: i used a vpn server from a different country to connect to the league of legends client and pvp.net worked much better, but that s not a permanent solution, the internet speed with vpn is very slow. my conclusion is that something between my provider and the lol servers got changed or broke down and is not working correctly. i then tried tracing the traffic and it shows: 5 33 ms 32 ms 34 ms 209-096-244-077.ip-addr.inexio.net [] 6 * 41 ms 34 ms fra1-rdirect1-17ax27-rt1.eu.lol.riotgames.com [] 7 * * * request timeout 8 33 ms 33 ms 35 ms Before or after ip there happen lots of timeouts. Please help, the game is unplayable for a week now.
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