[SOLVED] Big trouble with my main account...

Good Morning summoners and RIOT Staff (which I hope they&#039;re gonna read my topic) Yesterday I found that someone may know my League of Legends password (no clue how), the same one which i used for years since season 2... I wanted to change it as soon as possible, but I faced a problem when I needed to confirm the link from my old email address which was suspended due to inactivity, and the only option to recover my old email address was my old phone number, being disabled for the same amount of time (and lost as well) So I&#039;ve send a ticket to RIOT requesting additional help to be able to change my password or the email address, proving all information needed to be able to do that (since I am the owner of this account, I know everything about it, even my last RP purchase, which was last evening before the issue) The problem is, (and the moment when I got into even more trouble) that I&#039;ve wrote on my first row of my first ticket, the email address they asked for, OLD ONE (not my main one), where is possible to have an response which I cannot access / see... Although, because of security issue, Riot staff decided, I think to reset my actual password I&#039;ve used until now / or disabling it for further investigation, everything being set on my old email address, because of the mistake I made... So, here I am, with no access to my League of Legends account anymore, where I invested lots of money, and without access to my old email address to be possible to do something. ... I&#039;ve decided finally to make a secondary ticket and detailed explain my issue, putting on the first row of the ticket my MAIN email address, hoping that someone may respond or give me further some advice, but until now I had no luck... Even (I think) if I get a response on my main email address, when I am trying to access my ticket, they ask me to log in (they didn&#039;t required any kind of login information when I made it due to security reason), but now they do. Aaaand, of course because my account password was reset or disabled, I cannot access these features as well... So, here I am into big trouble with my main account which I&#039;ve used for many years, the only thing I wanted to do is to change my password. Not to mention that I have all my credit cards information stored there (At least now no-one can access the account...) This topic I am writing from my secondary account, you know... because of the same reason like the whole topic. I need some advice, I need to do something (and I was so happy for the new skin: Riot Kayle, which didn&#039;t had chance to try it yet...) Here&#039;ll provide some non-sensitive information for further investigation: <Personal detail removed> Email addresses I will not attach here until requested. Please help me... Regards, Xplor.
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