Ping spikes when actions are made

Hey, I come to you today to try and solve a problem that's been occuring for about one week now. In the context, it is really, really weird : one day I host a skype session with 3 people while playing, and my ping is stable at 80. The next day, without any changes, everytime someone makes an input, my ping goes up. So it's around 90 at base, 120 in lane, and up to 500 in teamfights. And it is not playable. The weirdest part of it all, is that if I start Skype, my ping goes up to 3000 and I automatically DC. I do not need to be in a conversation, just start Skype. But it gets even weirder : while I wasn't able to use Skype, I went to TeamSpeak. It worked well, but even though I had the same ping problems as usual, the program was not making any difference, so it was still playable (in normals though). And after 26/02 patch, teamspeak made me have a terrible ping, around 500-700, and I enventually ended up disconnecting. Even Microsoft Word makes me disconnect, I know it uses Internet, but not enough to change my ping ! So, what happened ? Did Riot make a patch aiming to use more broadband ? Is it coming from my ISP ? (I restarted my PC several times during this week, and shut down my Internet "box" (don't know the english word for this) for about 6 hours, but nothing changed. Checking all my processes, nothing unusual is running in the background. Just so you know, even though my connection is quite terrible (I barely can watch videos in 360p...), I'm playing LoL for quite a long time now, and I never experienced such an annoying problem. My ping has always been stable bofore last week. Is there anything I can do ? I'm moving out of my country pretty soon, and for quite a long time, and even if I will really enjoy myself where I go, I'd like to say goodbye to LoL in a nice way ! Now it looks like the game know I'm going to quit it. It is angry. Damn you Riot.

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