Help with windows 10

Hello! I got a problem with my video card (from what I 've seen on internet it's a compatibility issue between Windows 10 and a file in amd drivers, which Microsoft didn't bother to solve since the model is quite old. This leads me to occasional blue screens with either "thread stuck in device drivers" or another error. I was able to still stay enough in windows to reboot in safe mode, delete all the drivers and re-download them (this would let me use my PC for about a month or slightly less till the error would come back again and I would have to repeat the temporary fix).. Until now. After the last Windows 10 update the moment the error came up my laptop died and it's giving me black screen alternated with pink screens (my theme color), so I can't even acces Windows menu. I'd like some help with this if anyone has insights or alternatively I'd like to know if there's a way to start directly in safe mode so I can try to repeat my fix (or at least disable amd video card and stick with the low performance Intel one.. I'd have to say goodbye to gaming but at least I don't have to throw my laptop out of the window..)

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