Riot have literally just stolen my account from me.

I'm legit done with League of Legends now, it's fucking ridiculous, it's not like it used to be and Riot are just money grabbing whores that'll do anything to run you over so they can take your money. Riot have literally just stolen my account from and have just banned me access to it. Basically I had this account that I had played on years ago that I made in season 1 and I had just remembered what I password I used for it the other week so I logged onto it, I was really happy I had remembered the password to it, the account was created in NA because I used to live there until I moved to UK because my Mom was sick, anyways, I paid for Riot Points so I could make a region transfer from NA - EUW and that all worked fine, I played a couple of games then I was logged out and when I tried logging back in it said "Login Error - Your account has transferred to another region. Please try logging into the appropriate region." at first I was confused thought maybe it was a bug, so I tried logging into the account back on NA server and that didn't work either; said the same thing. So I submitted a (Recover Account) ticket to Riot regarding the situation and they began to ask me some different questions about the account, information about the account from I created it like "What date (MM/DD/YYYY) did you create the account) all information that I couldn't possibly remember as I created the account in 2009 which is 7 years ago. I told them that I couldn't remember this sort of information they are asking for because it's been so long but I did try my best to give them as much information as I could remember, and I asked them why I have to do all this all I done was change region.. they didn't answer me or tell me why my account has been locked or taken away from me. They would reply to replies like 2 days after I sent them which I thought was not on, that I had to wait 2 days from a message back every time from them.. Anyways they kept replying back with these type of questions regarding the account, most that I struggled to answer for them because I couldn't remember but I tried to give them as much information as I could even though I still don't know why I have too or why my account has been taken away from me. They finally responded with this.. Now i'm really upset, I STILL don't know why they've done this too me, they have literally just stolen my account from me that I have had since 2009 and I have spent my money and time on this account, just like that, they ask me a bunch of question that I can't remember about the account and they used that to take my account from me. ALL I DONE WAS CHANGED THE REGION, now I have no account. They have just stolen my account from me and now i'm done with League of Legends. It's completely changed. All Riot do is focus on getting as much money as they can from us, the game is ruined by that, the ranking system is messed up, I have to wait 30+ minutes for a game because of this "Dynamic Q", the game is full of scripters. I'm done, I have no account because they've taken it from me for NO REASON AT ALL. Riot will probably just remove this post.
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