High Ping only in LoL

Hi, I've been having high ping for last week or two only in League of Legends. My speedtest results: https://i.imgur.com/Ju0UH1v.png While playing Csgo I have 5 ping, 20 at best when the server is too far In league I've always had since Season 1, 32 ping stable, never less, never more. Now I have 50 Ping, might sound not much, but it lags in every last hit, every trade. Small lag spikes. My PC: i7-8700k GTX 1080 16GB Ram DDR4 My brother who is playing on different PC is having exact same problem so its connection based. When I played on EUW yesterday, I had normal stable ping like Im used to. This is the first time after like 8 years of playing this game that this is happening to me. How can I please get it fixed asap? If you have any questions please do ask. Thanks
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