[COMPLETE] 10 Year Anniversary Gifts are done!

> #*Update: 1st of October* This gifting has now completed! If you have not received the expected gift (Anniversary Poro Icon + **EITHER** Riot Kayle or a Mystery Skin), please [contact support](http://support.leagueoflegends.com) for further assistance! :-) > *Update: 24th of September* Hey guys! Those of you who haven't yet received their gift, worry not! Our initial deadline has passed however the gifting is continuing and taking longer than expected. Our new ETA on finishing is **end of day 30th of September** - so please allow until after this date before submitting tickets! Sorry for the delays! >**Original Post** Summoners! We're seeing a lot of queries on the [10-year anniversary gifts](http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/riot-games/announcements/thank-you). To confirm, the gifting is ongoing **and expected to continue until end of day Friday, the 23rd of September**. > I received the icon, but not the gift - should I submit a ticket? No, please refrain from submitting a ticket. The gift and icon are being handled separately, so you may receive one before you receive the other - this is normal. > I don't have Riot Kayle, will it tell me when I get this? Due to a delay in our normal process, Riot Kayle will **not notify you**. Check your inventory every day or so - Riot Kayle will just appear! This was an intentional decision as the normal gifting process was taking a long time due to the amount of awesome players out there! > I already have Riot Kayle, will it tell me when I get this? Yes - you'll receive a popup notification on the homescreen of the client. No need to relog, it'll pop up as soon as you receive it > I got a gift but it only said "Thank you" - what's that? This should've been the 10 year anniversary icon - check your icons for a poro invasion! (Poro's like party hats apparently!)
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