Hello everybody reading this, 3 days ago I try logging into my account as normal and I get a message saying my account has been locked, I go to create a ticket and riot support tell me my account has suspicious activity and needs to verify I'm the original account owner: Account Username (what you log-in with): Account Summoner name (your in game name): Platform you play on (NA, EU West, EU Nordic & East, OCE): Original email address used to register the account: Do you still have access to this email address? (Yes/No): Creation date of the account: Location where the account was registered (City, Country): List of locations that you have played on this account (City and Country): Your current IPv4 address (Use to find your IP address): First five champions ever purchased on this account: Name any refunded champions or skins: First content purchased with RP: First 3150/4800/6300 IP champion: Any gifts given/received: Your date of Birth: Any other people (including family members/friends) that have ever had access to the account: Username and Server of all League of Legends accounts (s): Has your email account ever been compromised? If so, which email and when (MM/YY): Who made this account? When was the last time that you had access to the account (Month/Day/Year): Now I have no clue what the original UNVERIFIED email of the account was, because as I'm sure there are many people who have done the same, just make some random email upon creation then later use a proper email to verify their account. I also want to note that I had been accessing league back in season 1 on a VPN as I was living in uni dorms at the time and had to use a VPN to access certain sites and play games I also 6 months ago used my internet hotspot to connect to league so I stated all of this In their questions. I provided everything else, the date of birth registered on the account, username , in game display name, RP purchases , IPs used to access the account on (THAT I KNEW OF NOT COUNTING THE VPN CAUSE HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT), first 5 champs purchased, creation date (rough guess but it's very close), first ever champ and skin bought, first 3150 champ bought, first 4800 champ bought, first 6300 champ bought, no refunds used, and no gifts given / or received from friends, original name before having 3 name changes. With all this info given they still don't believe I am the account owner, so they tried to give me a snippet of the random email I used to create the account with, as I said how am I supposed to know this as it was a random email I created quickly to just speed through sign up and play the actual game So now they will not give me my account back that I have spent so much time and effort on despite me giving so much information that only an account creators would know , I don't know what else to do I am in desperate need of help here. Any help would be appreciated Thankyou to anybody who reads this
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