Riot Support webpage and other pages not showing properly in Chrome

The riot support page and a few other pages are not displaying properly. Support page is just blank, no error, no nothing. A real estate website doesn't show pictures. A few of the tech webpages I visited showed only text without any graphics whatsoever. I just don't know what to do anymore. I tried googling my problem and did the suggested solutions which are: -reinstalling chrome -updating chrome -deleting cache and cookies -reseting settings -trying incognito mode to see if extensions is the problem -checking for malware -updating and enabling flash and java -disabling antivirus and firewall -changing dns settings -seting images to show in settings -allowing chrome in firewall -disabling prediction service -disabling hardware accerelation Nothing worked. IMPORTANT: I am not having these problems in Mozilla. But changing my browser is a last resort. Here are two screenshots: Edit: Sorry about the inappropriate content. They were two adult websites. --- #Moderator Note: Removed inappropriate content, please respect the Boards Universal Rules:
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