Hard Stuck in Gold V

Hi there, I am hard stuck in Gold V for more than a year now. I regularly drop from Gold V to Silver 1 and quite easily climb back to Gold. I just cant figure out what I have to focus on the most to improve. I think I do cs well enough meaning I am usually really far ahead of my opponent cs. I can get up to 95 cs at 10 minutes so I dont think this is the key. I almost never lose lane. Either I play a scaling champion and only fall a little behind or I win the lane quite hard. The exception here is bot lane which is 50:50 because the other player is a high variable. In Jungle I perform a lot better than the enemy jungler especially in the early game.I know how I can translate advantages into objectives by rotations. I am quite good at counterjungling and reading the enemy jungler. I ping his location as often as I can and countergank whenever I am sure we can win the 2v2, 3v3. I also never tax my lanes because I think the game is about the laners being able to win their matchups, lanes or just getting fed because I think I can still be useful with less ressources. My Jungle style is more reactive than proactive though I get a lot more proactive when I get a lead. If I see the enemy jungler gank top at lvl 3 for example I will either, countergank, invade him, gank another lane or take the dragon. Jungle is my most comfortable role. If my laners flame or annoy me in other ways I find it easy to just mute them, which I wont do when I play mid or adc for example. My early game is quite strong as a Jungler. My Main Jungler is Rek'Sai which I feel is quite weak in Soloqueue.I still have a 60% winrate with her. I prefer tanky junglers like amumu, hecarim and mundo but I think all of them are outclassed by Rek'sai at the moment.(Quite contradictory to me saying she is weak in the sentence before) My Jungle style is also focused on heavy effectiveness especially in farm. I am ALWAYS ahead of the enemy jungler in experience. I can easily duel all enemy junglers including kha zix, rengar and lee sin with Rek'sai or Master Yi(with exhaust on yi).I can use this pressure to secure objectives. I do play every lane and the jungle. I prefer playing jungle and mid but I get really annoyed very fast in certain cases. One example is when I play a tank and teamfight well, while my adc does not even attack in the teamfight or the other way round when I teamfight as adc or mid and the tank does not tank, exposing the carries. So I go and play what I was most frustrated about to do it better. I was toxic for a long time but it looks like I could improve a lot though I leave wrong comments here and there. It is not really an issue anymore. I have a lot of problems. Examples for this are. When I play a duelist champion for example like yi, I find that the enemy team groups a lot not exposing themselves to 1v1 or they will burn all their summoners whenever I can find one of them without the team, which my team wont capitalise on even when I ping their summoners and I cannot capitalise on it myself since they wont leave their tema for another 5 minutes. If I play teamfight champions like Azir or even xerath I often find that even though I am standing behind my team they often will retreat mid fight where I think the fight can be won easily and leave me open to their attacks or my team simply wont group up to siege with me when they lose their lanes and get frustrated. My biggest problem is adc. I really enjoy play adc but I get most angry when playing adc due to supports either flaming, trolling, being bad or just playing against me. Therefore I almost never play adc when I really try to climb because I think the other person is just to high of a variable. If there is someone to help me I would like to focus on jgl and mid. I just cant understand why I cannot climb and what my biggest weaknesses are. Thank you for the help.
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