EUW 3v3 Matchmaking

Today, I decided to leave the rift for a while while I try to up my game in the Twisted Treeline because my 2 friends want to play more ranked with me on it. (and I also got tired of 5v5) But instead of being excited about the game, I felt the huge urge of just going AFK and letting the enemies finish. Why? Because we had 1 level 6 + 1 level 5 + me vs 1 level 16 + 1 level 25 + 1 level 30 I digged all over the faces of the level 16 and 25, but ofcourse, their level 30 bashed up the faces of the level 5 and level 6, standing 17/2 in the first 8 minutes. And to make matters worse, it was a Trydamere... (which meant that the chances of winning was pretty much 0% unless the tryndamere was fountaindiving 24/7) how comes it that we as level 30 players, get matches with such low level players? are they just like: "hm... nobody plays 3v3, let's just bunch a group of players together no matter how balanced it is" I mean, want to play Tryndamere? sure... but the fact that pisses me of is that I had to play against a team that sortoff knows what to do, while our teemo and thresh did not use 1 single ability the WHOLE game. (so it was literally a 3v1) So please fix the match making for 3v3...

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