champion randomly freezes instead of moving

hi everybody i have the following issue since 3-4 days or so when i move or attack move sometimes the champion doesn't react to the input, resulting in him freezing or following the previous input it's not a mouse issue i tried several mouses and anyway i can see in the UI the clicking, it's just that the champion seems to lag, doesn't react to to it that is very annoying since i'm suddenly unable to play the game properly i have a good newly purchased pc that had no issue whatsoever prior to that and my connection is great, never had any lag issue, i'm always 40-50 ms pings and 120+ fps i'm running antivirus at this very moment and reinstalled the client, hoping that will fix it moreover i didn't installed new software nor download anything in a while so i really have no idea why suddenly i got this issue.. maybe something in the latest patch? anybody has experienced this or can help me with that? thank you in advance

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