weirdest ping issue ever

this high ping issue is related to Europe servers (eune, euw, tr), it's weird cause only riot servers have this lag while everything else is fine (browsing, bandwidth, download speed) even other multiplayer games show normal ping with their servers in Europe. looks like someone doesn't want me to play lol somebody knows how to fix it here's the trace route to eune server 1 11ms 6ms 12ms 2 7ms 3ms 5ms 3 6ms 5ms 4ms 4 7ms 9ms 11ms 5 7ms 127ms 45ms 6 41ms 21ms 44ms 7 130ms 137ms 184ms 8 140ms 195ms 134ms 9 134ms 135ms 187ms 10 * * 420ms 11 382ms 385ms 369ms how do I reset the eune ping back to 130-150 ?

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