riot plz help me

i got a chat bann cuz i was playing with a full premades (in normal game) , i was trying rengar as iwanted to improve my play with it , and since it was about the seocnd time rengar for me my score and play werent good enought (i ended the game 5/11/1), the premades were so toxic and flaming me so hard saying u will get reported and banned, i kept telling him im trying rengar im not main him and its a normal game, but they didnt care, they all reported me and idont know who did too from enemy and i got chat bann, idont know what to do now any help plz ,notice that i got a chat bann before too because i cursed someone from my team while saying report him when he feed the enemy and went afk (in an important ranked game for me) in (all chat), then all turned against me and reported me , help me riot plz ....... sry for bad english
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