Frame rate drops

Dear minions, Since a few weeks I have been having framerate drops from my capped 60 to 10 - 30. I have it most of the games, rarely I don't have it and that makes it even more strange. It's been very bad for results :p, and frustrating. It mostly happens a first part of a team fight but also sometimes when alone in jungle or farming. So what have i done to resolve this problem, but with no result: Repair the client. Virus scan. Defrag my HDD. Scan HDD for bad sectors. Uninstall league and reinstall. Lower all graphics. Disable all sound ingame. Clean pc with Cleaner, also registry. Clean pc, all unneeded software gone. Checked gpu during game, isn't fully used and doesn't go above 49 degrees. Ram isn't full in use, cpu either. Restored gpu to basic configuration. Uncap framerate, even that should anything. Update gpu drivers. Deleted config file from league. Specs: 4Gb ram, phenom 2 quad core 3.2GHz, Radeon R7 200 series. Not much but I only use that desktop to play league. So any suggestions are welcome. Follow link let u download the r3D file thingy through WeTransfer, Greetings, Senpai

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