Are they just going to ignore this major problem?

Recently, I've seen a lot of people complaining about a very broken client and worse: a completely unplayable game, because it decides to crash every time after champ select. I can't play the game with my bf anymore because he hasn't been able to get into a single game since 4 days now. We have tried everything: Using the repair tool (like they always advice, but it doesn't do anything), completely uninstalling and reinstalling the game, updating all kinds of drivers, changing network settings, disabling antivirus/firewall, etc. Without any luck. Why do we have to put so much effort in trying to get a game working that should just be working normally in the first place? Riot Support is not responding, looking at the forums there are a bunch of people experiencing this issue. Where is the assistance and where are the fixes? A buggy client/game is one thing, but broken to the point where people can't play the game at all anymore is just bad. This has been a reoccuring issue as well over a bunch of diferent patches. People will get impatient and Riot will lose a lot more of their players if they don't fix their game/client. Anyone got any actual good response/advice from Riot about the crashes after champ select?
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