Major bug while updating to patch 5.22

(sorry for bad grammar and so on I'm dyslexic and I'm not that good at english either) As mentioned I have a major bug through the update screen/update launcher where when ever I try to update it will freeze my pc and force a restart now I have been poking around a little testing my pc's stress capacity and concluded it isn't the pc in itself that is the problem being almost completely new and deffiniately not in any way horribly bad specs isn't worth mentioning but I'll do it for anyone wanting them for refference OS: Windows 10 Processor: I5 quad core Processing power: 3.2 GHz Graphics card: GTX 960 2GB RAM: 8GB DDR3 Memory: 1TB HDD Now back to the point.... I have made several attempts on updating to patch 5.22 but everytime I get around halfway it freezes the computer and forces the restart like mentioned before I have tried completely making a clean install of league of legends twice now but the bug appears to be happening over and over again I have also tried using my reserve laptop (too worthless to play on but worth enough for work) to see if it was something with just my computer but it also appears the have the same problem as it also gets frozen and forces a restart I have checked my report logs in my computer and the failure seems to be a forced shutdown due to overload in processing but I have tried running the patching while looking at my processor's use and so on where it stayed below 15% of the CPU usage (where it was only the LOL patcher running) so now that all my trouble shooting is over and I have sorta thrown the towel and given up on trying to fix it on my end I'm willing to ask for help but since there is no help in the support page I haven't tried I'm asking here for help it should also be mentioned that I had no problems installing patch 5.21 or any other previous patch before and have played league of legends for around 5 years

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