Ok, here's my problem. I've won a giveaway (Bunnyfufuu's) and it involved a 10$ Rp card. He took 8 days to send but anyways I play in euw server and the card code he sent me tells "not valid in this region" when i redeem it, as it is probably for NA. Could anyone help me out and tell me how I could redeem it in EUW or exchange it for an EUW code ? Here are some screenshots proving this (not cropped) [Bunny's messages](https://www.dropbox.com/s/ludw94eabia2331/Capture%20d%27%C3%A9cran%202017-05-21%2011.54.29.png?dl=0) [Giveaway winner proof](https://www.dropbox.com/s/tqd7so2gq7a9kh1/Capture%20d%27%C3%A9cran%202017-05-21%2011.59.12.png?dl=0)

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