Can u make client more friendly plz?

Realy Riot u should think about UX/UI and make some fixes. I understend that its not crit but its just anoying. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} First - game accepting Why I cant accept the game with just "enter" or "space" button? And ofc decline it with "escape" Its a standart - accept = enter/space and decline/abort = escape. Second - Training Mode Every time when I want to check my ping, (I'll not even start talking about an option to check ping in client..) I go to PLAY = training (with small letters) = confirm... And I launch freaking EDUCATION, without confirm, with changed loading screen, where I cant see... PING. Every player launch EDUCATION one time, and forget it forever. Training mode is starts more often than edu. And please, delete stpd confirms like "U will not gain IP/XP" at least in training mode. Make it looks LIKE THIS:
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