Unban Appeal

Dear Riot Support, I'm writing this post in hopes that I can actually get through to someone in the Riot Team with a soul, as the experience I've had to date has been robotic and machine-like in terms of sympathy and understanding. Back in June I was in a really bad place financially and was **thinking** about banning my account. Yet had made no actual attempt at doing so and was simply researching how it would work. To clarify, at the time I had no idea that the sale of an account was a bannable offense and if I had known, the thought wouldn't even have been taken seriously. I posted on a League of Legends facebook group asking if anyone would possibly be interested in buying it, now remember, I had _**no intention**_ of _actually_ selling it and was merely researching it. A few days later I get a response from a man saying that he's interested in buying it, he asks for some information about it which I provide him with (how many skins, champions etc). After I tell him, he says he want's to purchase it but I'm not sure. The account had 724 skins which at the time was _every single skin in the game_, I have poured both my heart, soul, and wallet into this game, which goes to show how desperate I was for some money do to financial problems. But even then, I didn't want to really sell it to him. I stop talking to the guy and go off and play some other game. About 30 minutes later I receive an email saying that 2 Step Authorization has been turned on in my account, I start to get scared and try logging in through the website and to no avail, my account had been hacked somehow. I talk to the guy and ask him about it to which he replies that the account is now his, so I do the only thing I can and ask if he can at least pay me something if he's going to screw me over. He blocks me. For the first time in a long time I legitimately broke down into tears, I had no idea what I had done to deserve this, League is a game that got me through some very rough times back in 2011/12 when I hated my life to the point that I couldn't move out of bed sometimes, It was everything. I loved Riot Games, it's team and even the community (par the flamers). I had never once been banned, never once had an account restriction in all my years of playing. Flooded with tears and emotionally crushed I wrote to Riot Games in desperation, providing them with screenshots and an explanation. To which I am met with a simple (You broke a rule and tried to sell your account, There's nothing we can do), to which I continuously I explained that it's not precisely the case, and each time I was replied by someone with 0 sympathy or compassion that even cared about what I was going through. And it's not like they weren't aware of the state I was in as I was very verbal in regards to how I felt about the situation. I was mistreated but that's not the reason for why I'm writing this. I haven't really played much since then as I have had 0 motivation to play when I was met with such inhumane reactions to what I was saying. So I wholeheartedly write this post in hopes that a member of the Riot Support Team can review my case and hopefully unban me. Please understand that I didn't want to sell it, I swear, I was _thinking_ about it, and I understand that the rule is attempted sale is bannable. But I didn't! I hope that this reaches someone with atleast half a heart. The username of the account that got banned was: StopFeedingTeemo (EUW) Kind Regards, Alex
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