[Request]Adding a common Slavic language [EUNE]

As I was logging into my Launcher I saw all available languages on EUNE ( PL,HUN,CZ,...) but there isn`t South-Slavic Language.With for example Serbian you will cover Bosnian,Montenegrin,Croatian,Serbian and even Macedonian language which is much more than for example Hungarian ( Hungarian Language-9.897 million (2013) Common Slavic ( Serbian )-Montenegro+Serbia+Macedonia+Bosnia+Croatia-17.974 million (2013) ).I know that these Balkan states are not richer that Hungary ( I don`t really know ) ,but when Croatia have joined EU their pop. budged is far bigger and from my own experience RP consumption in Balkan states is quite impressive for countries poor like that . So...Are there any plans about voicing over at Serbian/Croatian/Serbo-Croatian language?We would really like to play game on our language! Thank you for your Time RIOT! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
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