Dear Riot, Not again.

This is the **SECOND FKING SEASON YOU'VE FCKED ME AND I'M SICK OF IT**. i went 6 wins and 4 losses in my promos, i tried my hardest and did as much as i could for my team and just like last season i get put in bronze. no. i'm not mad about being in bronze specifically I GOT PUT IN BRONZE V, just cause ii lost a couple of games because some fkin idiots decide their going to give up and feed. Riot i want you to fix this because bronze v is not where i'm supposed to be put. in season 5 i was silver 4 so your system is obviously fucked and this has honestly not just made me feel like complete shit but**_ i don't even want to play league anymore_** cause i know that i deserved better. I'm so pissed off at you Riot.
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