My account got hacked and It is my fault

My account got hacked, when I was away for 2 years for studies and that person who hacked my account, got my account banned. So basically your account is completely unsafe anyone can come hack and get you banned. This is the message from support "Hey there, Please keep in mind that you, as the original creator, are directly responsible for everything that happens on the account and for the security of it. I understand that you may find this unfair, but you agreed with our Terms of Use when you created the account. We take account security very seriously and we're constantly working on improving it. As you already know, you have the option of creating a new account. However, this is your personal choice. I understand you're disappointed with my answer, but the decision is final. :( The suspension will remain on the account. Good Luck out there!" Good Job Riot thanks for making my absence my fault.
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