Do you really care for drophacked games or is it just alibi?

Recently had a drophacked game where it was at least likely, that it was the actual source and not a colleteral damage game, based on the situation where the game crashed (2 inhibs down, just won a teamfight over baron and were pushing for the win). Send it to support, so Riot could at least investigate the players involved to find patterns. Instead the reply was an obviously copy&paste text, explaining what a ghost-game is (thanks, I obviously know that as I just sended you data with the sole purpose to help on investigation) and the "hint" to just wait 2 hours on the game to be ended and contact support again if I can't start a new game after 2 hours (obviously 3 days after submitting the ticket). Yeah, now I feel like Riot is working on it and cares for the problem
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