Loading screen doesn't show / Connection failure

So me and a friend where playing duo queue. After champion pick (draft) the loading screen normally shows up right? But for the first time all that happened was, the screen turned black and after a few seconds a warning popped up: "Connection Issue, try again / leave" or smth simular, cant remember the exact sentence. Anyway, I tried like 5 times in a row (the warning showed up a few seconds after each attempt while screen was black), nothing happened. I restarted the client and clicked on "Reconnect", and again after a few seconds the warning showed up again, so it didn't work. Restarted PC and tried again, no success. Meanwhile my Teammate "remade" the game, but I lost LP and all its says in match history is "Leaver".... The following games we played were no problem, just this one game that randomly decided to piss me off. Has anyone experienced the same? How can I prevent that from happening again?
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