Bugs everywhere ...

I firstly came here to say that {{item:3090}} is bugged and doesn't show how many AP bonus it actually gives you. As a 3v3 Item,of course, nobody cares about that bug, because we all know Riot knows about the existance of only 1 map (5v5) and doesn't care what happens outside of the Summoners Rift. This bug is since the release of that item, two years ago. It's my smurf account, so yeah. I realized that even after two years, this item still wasn't fixed. However when I came here I realized I also can't post in the Bug section. It says "Level 10 and above". I am level 12. I posted in Champion and Gameplay section four days ago, it was all fine. Now it won't let me post anywhere, except Help and Support. So here's another bug. If this get's fixed so I can post in Bug Reports I will periodically take my time to post other bugs, as soon as I find them.
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