**THIS IS ALL JUST MY OPINION** A common thread I've noticed in all my league of legends play, is that the most respectful and most honorable players are very quiet, and don't get tilted very easily. I've also noticed that the most vocal members of the community are the most toxic, (and of course I'm speaking in generalities.) A system in which only the most vocal players get their voice heard (by the report system) creates an environment where the people deciding what's okay and what's not are the most spiteful, and the most angry. I can't count how many times I've been spammed with, "REPORT FOR FEED", and other pointless remarks. Some system needs to be in place that brings in the core of the community, the respectful players who don't have the energy or spite to go out of their way to complain. TL;DR Reporting needs to be a lot less of a hassle for it to be an effective system. Maybe a similar system to the new honor system, where you select the least honorable player on your team, and over time you can get a sense for who's the most respectful.

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