My opinion about the new very weak Akali

Akali used to be Op until the shroud nerf came when turrets ignored the shroud. that nerf maked the champion balanced somehow Riot decided to nerf a 45% winrate champ because people that dont know how to counter akali are crying about how srong she is what people dont get is this : High skill gets rewarded. now her passive (her most important ability gets nerfed) I really dont get it its a assassin she catches people offguard and if someone is in jungle running around and gets like killed in 3 seconds by akali they shouldnt complain because thats her role people dont know how squishy she is in teamfights whats op about her? she hits everything and you are dead. thats how it works and should work and it was like that until the nerfs came for akali. Thanks For ruining Akali Roit I really appreciate it.
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