LOWER performance with Intel HD than dedicated gpu

I play league of legends on either a MacBook Pro or a HP Envy laptop x360 The HP has a dedicated gpu (GeForce 640M I think) It’s recently starting getting really bad performance drop when there’s Minions around or things happening so I updated the driver, reinstalled the game and tried playing with the video settings - nothing worked. I then decided to try the intel hd graphics card as that’s what my MacBook has and it works much better on the same settings (medium high) than the nVidia card. Has anyone got a fix for this as it’s driving me up the wall. The client is also very slow loading and sometimes choosing runes is difficult. Again, the Mac has similar specs and I’ve had no troubles with it but my partner plays on the HP and it’s really difficult to play like this. With Intel graphics card it works well but I’d rather use the dedicated gpu for better graphics if possible. Halp :(
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