Keyboard not working for abilities ingame

Dear boards community! I am currently experiencing the following problem: In some games my keyboard doesn't work for using abilities ingame. This includes normal abilities, summoner spells, items etc. The ingame chat however is working as intended. This only occurs while using my laptop, an a standard pc everything is normal. The keyboard works fine for any other application or game. About my setup: Acer Aspire E17 Notebook Windows 10 (most recent updates) using the laptop keyboard (not external) What I tried so far: - restarting the game (not working) - restarting the client (not working) - repairing the client (not working) - restarting the laptop while ingame (working sometimes) - trying to fix keyboard issues by deleting the settings in the configurations folder ( (not working) It seems to only appear when I had played a game (working fine), close the client (but not shut down the system) and restart the client after that to get in a second game. If someone has had similiar issues or has any idea how i can fix please help me! I can't get into a game without having the fear to destroy the early game for my teammates because i have to restart my laptop multiple times. Thank you!

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