They used to not take away LP when you have AFKs and trolls.

So I had this ranked game, with Nasus constantly nagging that he got countered and Xin should go top and he jungle, after an easy first blood, after like a minute ( if you are countered, why do you play aggressively?), bot started some heavy feeds too. By ~10 minutes, we were 5v3, because both the Sivir and the Nasus left ( btw Sivir random DCed 2 times before). I cared not, I tried to get some kills on the enemy, die hard, y'know. I though, just like old times, I will not get LP taken from me. How wrong was I. Was there a change in the system, or what, because the client clearly realises that 2 guys were AFK. Yeah, I said RP instead of LP. I was kinda tilted, which I haven't been in a while. Felt kinda dissapointed. So it would be damn good if my LP wasn't taken from me, when I had nothing to do with the defeat. PS: I mentioned they started "feeding". I am not like those toxic kids, who, after a laner dies 2 times, calls them a feeder, I really have no problem with a losing lane. It just felt kinda intentional, they were literally looking for fights. So please don't confuse me with those everygame ragers who blame their lost games on lost lanes. [](
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