Perma ban for scripting

Hi there, I recently used %%%%%%%% to install an evade script. Now before everyone tells me good riddance. I did not use the script for a conventional reason. I ran the bot in a few arams. I played the game normaly and then continued to download my replays for revision. My goal in all of this was to learn how scripts dodge and work in general. I live in South Africa, so our ping is 210 on average, so I figured any help on dodging and evasion would help. But the account got perma banned. I understand that I broke the terms of use but is there no way at all to get an unban? Riot support just keep saying no. But there must be a way to get an unban. I never used the scripts in ranked or even summoners rift or twisted treeline, just in a few arams. In retrospect it was dumb to do this on my main account, but I did not think too much of it at the time as there are players who script to gain elo and humiliate other players who are much higher priority targets for ban. If someone can help me out i'd really appreciate it. Regards TheRooikat Hard stuck bronze 4

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