Are you even paying money to the guys who coded your matchmaking code?

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How is that possible? 42-51% winrate solid team versus unranked and 30% idiots. You just have to fire the guy who did the code for your matchmaking, and hire anyone who can compare two numbers, so players with low winrate would be at least compensated by same players on both sides. Or at least don't pretend with your idiotic "cyber sport" that your game is competitive. In fact, your games are PREDETERMINED basically. But I don't understand why you need this, because it destroys your business. PS. I know for fact that Rito has the codes for eliminating such games, but these codes are implemented in FlexQ rather then being introduced into SoloQ. In FlexQ it is actually more fair, because if your team has disadvantage, there is something balancing on the other side.

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