Compensation for M'Pengu owners who also bought a second emote?

So now that M'Pengu is getting shipped out if you bought another emote what I did, I basically payed 450 RP for an Emote that I would now get for free. it's like buying an Epic tier (1300 RP) skin, then it gets upgraded to Legendary tier (1800) worth but everyone gets it Sure, it's free content and will probably make a large playerbase happy, yet this sort of reminds me when everyone recieved the Kayle skin, but atleast we got a Mystery Gift there when we already owned the skin. This just seems a bit off setting to me. Some sort of compensation would be nice in my opinion. Tldr: Bought M'pengu and would recieve it for free since I bought a 2nd emote. Edit: I don't want to blame Riot for shipping out free stuff or anything. I'm Just pointing out that there are people who now might be in the same situation as me.
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