So a game appeared in my match history that I have never played. rito wut.

last night i played a beast ass maokai game and called it a day using that victory to fuel my day, this morning i woke up and i had lost a 4/10 sylas game. I recently bought sylas and i havent played a match with him at all, besides urf, at first i thought i woke up in the middle of the night and played and not remembered so as i watched the replay i remembered nothing of it and furthermore the game play was just horrible, i was pretty sure it was bronze elo. I went to check the ranks of other players and i was right, it was a high silver low gold game. While my mmr is (or was) plat3-2, but after this game my elo tanked so hard im now facing plat 4's. It doesnt make sense to say someone came on my account and played without my knowledge because it wouldnt match him against silvers. Anyways i have no idea where i can report this issue so im making this post. I got a loss on my promos to platinum because of this, but it shouldnt effect me very much. Heres the game on and 2 other games for reference of my elo: Also the match on rito's site:
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