This is League, huh?

So firstly, I'm a low level, but played League before. I made a new account and gave it another go... My last two matches: Literally more frustration than fun. First game I had two guys flaming, feeding and then both disconnected. My response: Oh, sh*t happens, next game will be better... Oh boy, I was wrong. I had Team that: - Fed every single god damn enemy - Refused to surrender, but agreed to throw and troll until nexus blew up - Flamed chat (even enemies raged) - Blamed me for unknown reasons I literally was tilting so hard by the end of the match... and those shitty enemies called it "easy" and were mocking me afterwards... I had carried this game, if my teammates had stopped going 1v5, 2v5, 3v5 dives and actually listened to my advice and GROUP. Every time I was left 1v3, after I had already killed two enemies on my own. Somehow my teammates managed to split and just suicide one by one every time. Funny thing is, these guys thought they're skilled and that it was my fault they died!!

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