New account - Hextech Chest instead of 400 RP.

Hello everyone, First sorry for my English, its not my native language. I came to LoL because my friend told me it was a great game. He told me I would get free 400 RP at the start so I could get some IP Boosts to get the champions/runes I wanted. Ofcourse I was excited at first but I only got a Hextech Chest with Garen and Ashe + Skin in it. I'm absolutely not interested in playing any of these champs and the skin I got, Sanguine Garen, isn't my favourite aswell. It's like I am not given a choice, completely different from the free 400 RP. Currently I'm level 10 and working on IP farming but it takes much longer now and I can't do this with my favourite champion at this point, obviously Gnar. Is the free 400 RP completely removed from the newest players or am I getting this in a later stage? Thanks for reading, GN4RRRRRRRRRRRRR{{champion:150}}
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